May 9, 2011

Magrudergrind interview

Magrudgergrind is the soundtrack to the apocalypse. Through a few full lengths, two EP's and a billion split records with bands like Shitstorm and Godstomper, these guys have pretty much declared themselves as the seminal grind band of the decade. They've got a new EP out called Crusher, check that out and come out to see em at The Fest in October. This interview is with Avi, who sings/ self-mutilates his vocal chords for the band.

I'm sure this question has been asked a million times, but what does the Magruder in Magrudergrind mean?
If I had a beer for each time somebody asked this question, I would have died of alcohol poisoning long ago. It comes from a neighborhood nearby where we first started practicing, called Magruders Discovery.

How did you get into grindcore or punk music in general?
Hmm, I went through a lot of different musical periods. I initially got into heavy music to escape the angst and frustration of that time in my life. The harsh sounds appealed to fit my expressionism towards life.

Are there any bands you listen to that may surprise people, coming from a grind vocalist?
Sooo many.. Peter Bjorn and John's Amsterdam was stuck in my fucking head for a week when we arrived at Schiphol a couple weeks ago.

What's going on in DC scene right now?
No fucking clue and couldn't care less except Ilsa is the best damn thing to come out of there in a while. In my humble opinion (which doesn't express others in my band), that place relatively sucks and plus I live in Brooklyn now

Since this blog is out of Florida, what's your take on what's going on down here?
I love Florida. We have always had great shows there and I can't wait till Halloween.

You guys are going to be at the Fest in Gainesville this year, what else is in the near future for the band?
We're playing Dudefest this summer, touring Finland and playing at the Obscene Extreme fest in Czech. In the interim, we are writing for our next full LP.

Anything else you wanna add?

Listen to The Infamous.

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  1. About when on this summer are you goin to finland?